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Cinéma Ermitage Open to the publicScreenings
9:30    11:00 - Cinéma Ermitage Viking Skool
Cinéma Ermitage Screenings Open to the public

For as long as the Viking sagas have been passed down through the ages, Viking Skool has trained the best of the best to be future Viking leaders.

Teens Ylva, Erik and Arni are three friends brought together at Viking Skool. They each share a common element: they’re long shots at becoming Vikings. Bound together by their outlier status, over the course of the series, their friendship will only grow as they meet the challenges that await them.

Together our three heroes will make it through their first year and come out stronger than ever - even if they haven’t gotten their axe throwing scream down!


Series screening and meeting with Céline Gobinet (director), Pierre-Gilles Stehr (screenwriter) and Xavier Vairé (screenwriter) ! 


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Country : France 

Original idea : Gisle Normann Melhus, Frederick P.N. Howard

Screenwriters : Épisodes 3 & 22 : Pierre-Gilles Stehr, Xavier Vairé

Director : Céline Gobinet

Composors : Benjamin Nakache, Mathieu Rosenzweig


Producers : Samuel Kamika, Paul Young, Frederick P.N. Howard

Broadcasters : Disney, France Télévisions, NRK, RTÉ

Cast : Chloé Berthier, Alexis Gilot, Jonathan Gimbord, Nathalie Homs, Thierry Kazazian, Grégory Laisné, Marie Nonnenmacher, Audrey Sablé, Yann Sundberg, Lionel Tua

Format : 26x22'


Date of broadcast : 11/05/2022 (France Télévisions)

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Cinéma Ermitage Open to the publicScreenings
14:15    15:45 - Cinéma Ermitage Runes
Cinéma Ermitage Screenings Open to the public

After the death of his father, Robert the Magnificent, William, the contested heir to the throne of Normandy, manages to find refuge in the village of Baligan. In order to escape from the lords that seek to eliminate him and replace him on the throne, William assumes a new identity, that of a simple peasant boy named Hugo.

Taken in by Cecile’s family, Hugo must be careful not to attract any attention from Lady Neel, the Sovereign leader of Baligan, as she has tasked her head guard to track down the boy and prevent him from succeeding to the Norman throne. 

Series screening and meeting with Jean-Louis Vandestoc (director), Marion Bulot (artistic director) and Vincent Jumelet (firts assistant director) ! 
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Original idea: Guillaume Mautalent, Sébastien Tavel

Screenwriter: Marine Lachenaud

Director: Jean-Louis Vandestoc

Composer: Atli Örvarsson

Production: Les Armateurs

Producer: Reginald de Guillebon

Broadcaster: CANAL+

Distributor: Prime Entertainment Group

Cast: Maxime Baudoin, Cerise Calixte, Élode Menant, Arthur Pestel, Antoine Schoumsky, Cathy Cerda, Léovanie Rault, Emmylou Homs, Eric Aubrahn, Françoise Cadol, Thomas Sagols Kelly Marot, Adrien Antoine, Pierre Legois, Philippe Spiteri, Céline Ronté, Paul Borne, Jean-Lou Hortwitz, Jérôme Keen

Format: 26 x 22' 

Date of broadcast: 22/10/2022

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Cinéma Ermitage Open to the publicScreenings
16:30    18:00 - Cinéma Ermitage The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe
Cinéma Ermitage Screenings Open to the public



From celebrated screenwriter Chris Lang and acclaimed production company Story Films (Deceit), this extraordinary story explores the stranger-than-fiction tale of Anne and John Darwin, the couple who deceived the world, their family and friends after John faked his own death to claim life insurance and avoid bankruptcy. Led by transformative performances from BAFTA winner Monica Dolan as Anne and Eddie Marsan as John and told through Chris Lang’s poignant, humorous and insightful script, Story Films’ four-part series is an utterly compelling drama that offers a fresh take on the traditional true-crime narrative.


Screening of one episode followed by a video with Chris Lang (screenwriter) and a discussion with Alison Sterling (producer, Story Films). 


Original title : The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe

Original idea : based on a true story

Screenwriter : Chris Lang

Director : Richard Laxton

Production : Story Films

Producers : Alison Sterling (producer), David Nath (executive producer)

Broadcaster : ITV

Distributor : All3Media International

Cast : Monica Dolan, Eddie Marsan, Mark Stanley, Dominic Applewhite

Format : 4x52'

Date of broadcast : 17/04/2022

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Théâtre municipal Open to the publicScreenings
18:30    20:20 - Théâtre municipal Santa Evita
Théâtre municipal Screenings Open to the public



This is the story of Eva Perón after her death.


Evita's embalmed body had an eventful journey that lasted 22 years and it was as eventful as her 33 years of life.  Evita died in 1952 but her corpse remained waiting three years to be buried in a monument that was never erected. In 1955 a military coup overthrew Perón and hid the body for 19 years to prevent it from becoming a weapon against the regime.  A political figure for six years as General Peron's wife, yet her corpse influenced Argentine politics for more than two decades, fabricating a strange story, becoming part of the Argentine mythology. To the military officers that took over, dead Evita was even more dangerous than the alive one. Everyone feared that errant corpse without a burial site.

This is the story of that corpse without a grave and its legend.


Screening of one episode followed by a discussion with Pamela Rementeria, Marcela Guerty (screenwriters), Alejandro Maci (director), Natalia Oreiro, Enersto Alterio, Francesc Orellá (actors), Leonardo Aranguibel, Mariana Perez (producers, The Walt Disney Company LatAm) and Patricio Rabuffetti (producer, Non stop studios). 


Original title : Santa Evita

Original idea : based on the book Santa Evita by Tomás Eloy Martínez

Screenwriters : Marcela Guerty, Pamela Rementería

Directors : Rodrigo García, Alejandro Maci

Composer : Federico Jusid 

Production : Star Original Productions, Non Stop Studios

Producers : Betina Brewda, Salma Hayek Pinault, José Tamez, Rodrigo García, Pedro Dávila, Gastón Gualco, Patricio Rabuffetti, Mariana Perez, Leonardo Aranguibel, Fernando Barbosa

Broadcasters : Star+,  Disney+, Hulu

Distributor : DMED

Cast : Natalia Oreiro, Ernesto Alterio, Diego Velázquez, Special guest appearance  Francesc Orellá & Darío Grandinetti as Juan Domingo Perón

Format : 7x45’

Date of broadcast : 26/07/2022

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Cinéma Ermitage Open to the publicScreenings
9:30    11:00 - Cinéma Ermitage Fresh out of school - Freedom
Cinéma Ermitage Screenings Open to the public

Fresh out of school is a collection of shorts that associates, poetically and in the true spirit of artistic freedom, 13 poems of French poets with the graphic worlds of young directors who have just graduated from French animation school. 


Serie screening and meeting with Hugo Glavier and Lise Rémon (directors) ! 


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Country: France 

Directors: Martin Bonin, Gaspar Chabaud, Martin Clerget, Hugo Glavier, Ada Hernaez, Shih-Yen Huang, Lola Khattou, Juliette Laboria, Héloïse Le Bail, Marie-Sarah Ouwe Missi Oukem, Emeline Perrin, Lise Péron, David Stora

Compositors: Julien Divisia, Frédéric Marchand, Yan Volsy, Pablo Pico

Production: Tant Mieux Prod

Productors: Delphine Maury, Thomas Malmonte

Broadcasters: France Télévisions

Distributors: Tant Mieux Prod

Format: 13x3"

Date of broadcast: 10/03/2022

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Cinéma Ermitage Open to the publicScreenings
11:45    13:00 - Cinéma Ermitage Lost Luggage
Cinéma Ermitage Screenings Open to the public



After the terrorist attacks on Brussels Airport, Samira Laroussa, a strong-hearted, half-Moroccan police woman, is missioned to handle and return all baggage and personal belongings that were left behind in the departure hall that day. Every new encounter with a victim or relative will unbalance the seemingly strong Samira who is far from ready to deal with the pains of her own troubled past. Even so, she perseveres in helping everyone. In her blind determination, however, Samira forgets one thing: herself.


Screening of one episode followed by a discussion with Tiny Bertels (screenwriter), Nathalie Basteyns (director), Ivy Vanhaecke (producer, De Mensen), Elly Vervloet (international Drama Executive, VRT) and Alexandre Piel (deputy Head of Drama Arte France)


Original title : Lost Luggage 

Original idea : Tiny Bertels

Screenwriters : Tiny Bertels, Michel Sabbe, Charles De Weerdt, Mathias Claeys, Edith Huybreghts

Directors : Kaat Beels, Nathalie Basteyns, Ibbe Daniëls

Composer : Peter Baert

Production : De Mensen, VRT, ARTE France

Producers : Pieter Van Huyckand, Ivy Vanhaecke

Broadcasters : VRT/Eén, ARTE France

Distributor : Newen Connect

Cast : Lara Chedraoui, Jeroen Van der Ven, Isabelle Vanhecke, Yassine Ouaich, Mathias Van de Vijver, Willy Thomas

Date of broadcast : 20/03/2022 (VRT/Eén)

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Cinéma Ermitage Open to the publicScreenings
16:00    17:15 - Cinéma Ermitage How to Screw It All Up
Cinéma Ermitage Screenings Open to the public



When her school’s year-end trip to Italy is canceled, Alba’s (Naira Lleó) dream of escaping her troubled life – and the shady dealings her brother is always roping her into – seems next to impossible. But after discovering that some of her classmates are secretly planning an epic road trip, Alba does everything she can to secure a spot in their van. Guided by only three rules – no posting to social media, always stay together, and let fate decide their destination – the teenagers hit the road for a wild adventure, discovering more about themselves, one another, and the joys (and consequences) of freedom with every mile.


Screening of one episode followed by a discussion with Jaime Olías (co-creator, screenwriter), Pablo Sanhermelando (co-creator, Executive Producer, BOOMERANG TV) and Miguel Salvat (Executive Producer, HBO Spain). 


Original title : Cómo mandarlo todo a la mierda

Original idea : Jaime Olías, Pablo Sanhermelando

Screenwriter Jaime Olías

DirectorJaime Olías

Production : Boomerang TV

Producers : Pablo Sanhermelando (Boomerang TV, Groupe mediawan), Valentina Francelet (Boomerang TV), Miguel Salvat (HBO Max), Patricia Nieto (HBO Max)

Broadcaster : HBO Max

Distributor : HBO Max

Cast : Naira Lleó, Malva Vela, Nadia Al Saidi, Óscar Ortuño, Gabriel Guevara, Sergi Méndez

Format : 6x30’

Date of broadcast : 02/07/2022

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Théâtre municipal Open to the publicEvenings
20:00    00:30 - Théâtre municipal Series night
Théâtre municipal Evenings Open to the public

In French only.


Série Series launches the first Series Night in partnership with France.TV Slash, on Friday 1st July from 8pm at the Fontainebleau theatre, and throughout the summer in cinemas across the Ile-de-France region.


The event will feature 4.5 hours of series broadcast on the Slash platform, with preview episodes (REUSSS, CHAIR TENDRE) and the first episodes of some iconic series accompanied by never-before-seen footage (MENTAL, STALK, PARLEMENT, DERBY GIRL) and in the presence of the creative teams (writers, producers, actors).


Programme :


Vendredi 1e juillet – 20h-00h30 : Théâtre de Fontainebleau

Dimanche 3 juillet – 16h-20h : Cinéma Le Figuier Blanc, Argenteuil

Mercredi 6 juillet – 20-00h : Cinéma Le Rex, Châtenay-Malabry

Jeudi 7 juillet – 20h-00h : Cinéma L’Ecran, Saint-Denis

Vendredi 8 juillet – 22h-6h : Cinéma Le Méliès, Montreuil

Vendredi 22 juillet – 20h-00h : Cinéma La Tournelle, L'Haÿ-les-Roses







It's the start of the holidays for Hanane, Maissa and Ambre. But when Djamel, Hanane's older brother, is found unconscious, the three friends decide to find the culprit. Surrounded by crappy boyfriends, meddlesome parents and scary drug dealers, Hanane, Maissa and Ambre will only have their REUSSS (sisters) to rely on.


Creators : Jérôme Larcher, Catherine Regula

Screenwriters : Jérôme Larcher, Estelle Koening, Salif Cissé, Joël N’sita

Directors : Mohamed Chabane, Théo Jourdain

Production : Elizabeth Arnac (Lizland Films).




Sasha is 17 years old. Until a few months ago, Sasha was an ordinary boy. Since then, Sasha has learned that they have been lied to since birth. In reality, Sasha was born with a body that wasn't entirely male or female: an intersex body. Sasha has only one thing on their mind: find out who they really are.


Creator and screewriter : Yael Langmann

Directors : Yael Langmann, Jérémy Mainguy

Production : Clara Laplace, Eric Jehelmann, Philippe Rousselet (Jerico TV)




Lola is now a full member of the Cannibal Licorns. Whilst the team is warming up for the next roller derby season, their sport is suddenly banned. The Cannibal Unicorns have no choice but to go underground and organise the resistance...


Creators : Nikola Lange, Charlotte Vecchiet

Screenwriters : Nikola Lange, Thomas Mansuy, Fiona Leibgorin

Director : Nikola Lange

Production : Barbara Maubert, Stéphane Moatti – Noon (Kabo Productions / Part of Asacha Media)




Bienvenue à la clinique pédopsychiatrique des Primevères. Marvin, 17 ans, plus habitué aux gardes à vue qu’aux examens médicaux, est interné suite à une décision de justice. Avec Mélodie, Simon et Estelle, ils vont bousculer le quotidien de la clinique, trouvant au passage une forme d’équilibre bien à eux.


Screenwriters : Marine Maugrain-Legagneur, Victor Lockwood

Director : Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun

Production : Augustin Bernard (Black Sheep Films)




As Lux starts his third year in engineering school, it’s clear that his stalking days are over. But it’s short-lived: a mysterious stalker by the name of “White Duke” is victimizing the campus. And seems to have a personal grudge against Lux.


Creators : Simon Bouisson, Jean-Charles Paugam, Victor Rodenbach

Screenwriters : Jean-Charles Paugam, Simon Bouisson

Director : Simon Bouisson

Production : Priscilla Bertin, Judith Nora (Silex Films).




Samy becomes the assistant of Valentine Cantel, an ambitious and newly elected member of the European Parliament. He is flanked with an overqualified intern who outshines him and a new girlfriend whose woke rhetoric befuddles him. To top it all, Rose is back, now working as a lobbyist. Again, Samy has to juggle his ethics, job and love life.


Creator : Noé Debré

Screenwriters : Noé Debré, Lily Lambert, Pierre Dorac, Maxime Calligaro

Directors : Emilie Noblet, Jérémie Sein, Noé Debré

Production : Fabienne Servan-Schreiber, Thomas Saignes, Jan Diepers, Dagmar Rosenbauer (Cinétévé, Studio Hamburg Serienwerft)

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Cinéma Ermitage Open to the publicScreenings
11:00    12:30 - Cinéma Ermitage Zouk
Cinéma Ermitage Screenings Open to the public

Embark on the extraordinary daily life of an extraordinary child! Zouk is a little girl... but a little girl who slaloms between the skyscrapers on her flying broom, who brushes her teeth with toad slime, and who can transform her best friend into anything she can think of! Because Zouk is an apprentice WITCH... and she’s got character!


Serie screening and meeting with Marc Dhrami (coproducer) and Valérie Magis (screenwriter).


Book your seats here


Country: France

Original idea: d'après l'oeuvre originale de Serge Bloch et Nicolas Hubesh publiée dans le magazine Les Belles Histoires

Screenwriters: Serge Bloch, Alexis Lavillat, Isabelle Catalogne, Valérie Magis, Baptiste Grosfilley, Philippe Traversat, Cyrille Deysier, Pierre-Gilles Stehr, Yves Coulon, Nicolas Verpilleux, Sonia Gozlan, Xavier Vairé, Sébastien Viau, Su¨ana Airault, Héloïse Cappcoia, Valérie Chappelet, Pauline Rostain, Anne-Sophie Salles, Lison d'Andrea, Laure d'Oyonnax

Directors: Jonathan Mesner

Composors: Féloche

Production: Bayard Animation, Normaal

Producers: Alexis Lavillat, Nathalie Becht, Pauline Chamming's

Coproducer: Marc Dhrami

Broadcasters: CANAL +, VRT, SVT, RTS, WarnerMedia Italie

Distributors: FESTIVAAL Distribution

With: Anna Mayoux, Elena Plonka, Jeanne Chartier, Patrice Dozier, Jérôme Pauwels, Jérémy Prévost

Format: 52x11'

Date of broadcast: 23/10/2021

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Cinéma Ermitage Open to the publicScreenings
15:30    16:45 - Cinéma Ermitage Conversations with friends
Cinéma Ermitage Screenings Open to the public
Conversations with Friends follows Frances (Alison Oliver), a 21 year old college student, as she navigates a series of relationships that force her to confront her own vulnerabilities for the first time. Frances is observant, cerebral and sharp. Her ex-girlfriend, now best friend, Bobbi (Sasha Lane) is selfassured, outspoken and compelling. Though they broke up three years ago, Frances and Bobbi are virtually inseparable and perform spoken word poetry together in Dublin. It’s at one of their shows that they meet Melissa (Jemima Kirke), an older writer, who is fascinated by the pair.

Bobbi and Frances start to spend time with Melissa and her husband, Nick (Joe Alwyn), a handsome but reserved actor. While Melissa and Bobbi flirt with each other openly, Nick and Frances embark on an intense, secret affair that is surprising to them both. Soon the affair begins to test the bond between Frances and Bobbi, forcing Frances to reconsider her sense of self, and the friendship she holds so dear.


Original idea: based on a book by Sally Rooney

Screenwriters: Alice Birch, Meadhbh McHugh, Mark O'Halloran, Leanne Welham, Susan Stanton

Directors: Lenny Abrahamson, Leanne Welham

Composer: Stephen Rennicks

Production : Element Pictures

Producers: Ed Guiney, Emma Norton, Lenny Abrahamson, Andrew Lowe, Sally Rooney, Tommy Bulfin, Rose Garnett (Executive Producers), Jeanie Igoe     , Catherine Magee (Producers)

Broadcasters: BBC Three, Hulu, CANAL+ (France)

Distributor: Endeavour Content

Cast: Alison Oliver, Jemima Kirke, Joe Alwyn, Sasha Lane

Format : 12x30’

Date of broadcast: 05/2022 (UK), CANAL+

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Cinéma Ermitage Open to the publicScreenings
17:00    19:00 - Cinéma Ermitage This is Going to Hurt
Cinéma Ermitage Screenings Open to the public



The series is based on Adam Kay’s award-winning international multi-million selling memoir of the same name. Blisteringly funny and frequently heartbreaking, This Is Going To Hurt is a stark reminder of the vital role played by the NHS.

At times hilarious, at times devastating, it follows Adam, a doctor working in obstetrics and gynaecology who we find wending his way through the ranks of hospital hierarchy, junior enough to suffer the crippling hours, but senior enough to face a constant barrage of terrifying responsibilities: the 97-hour weeks, the life-and-death decisions, and all the while knowing the hospital parking meter is earning more than him.


Original idea : Adam Kay

Screenwriter : Adam Kay

Directors : Lucy Forbes (ep. 1-4), Tom Kingsley (ep. 5-7)

Composer : Jarvis Cocker

Production : SISTER

Producers : Adam Kay, Naomi de Pear and Jane Featherstone for SISTER, James Farrell for Terrible Productions, Mona Qureshi for BBC One, Kristin Jones and Dan McDermott for AMC

Broadcasters : BBC One (UK) / CANAL+ (France)

Distributor : BBC Studios

Cast : Ben Whishaw, Ambika Mod, Dame Harriet Walter, Alex Jennings

Format : 7x60’

Date of broadcast : 8/02/2022 (UK)

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Château de Fontainebleau Open to the publicScreenings
22:30    00:30 - Château de Fontainebleau L'Opéra, season 2
Château de Fontainebleau Screenings Open to the public

In French only.


As Zoé has regained her position of Étoile and Flora has passed the entrance exam of the company, a new season begins at the Opera. Since Sébastien left, the company no longer has a Dance Director. It is in this chaotic atmosphere that a new Maîtresse de Ballet arrives: Diane Taillandier. This former Étoile, a true ballet legend, enforces drastic methods. Between emotional blackmail and psychological manipulation, Diane does not back down from anything in order to establish her authority. And Zoé, just like Flora, will have to pay the price.

This new season tells the story of two mutations: a dancer’s, Zoé, and an institution’s. In both cases, it will be a matter of moving on from the past, of accepting one's flaws and faults, in order to better reinvent oneself.


Original idea : Cécile Ducrocq, Benjamin Adam

Showrunner : Cécile Ducrocq

Screenwriters : Cécile Ducrocq, Benjamin Adam, Simon Jablonka, Frédéric Rosset, Claire Patronik, Hélène Faure

Directors : Stéphane Demoustier, Cécile Ducrocq, Jean-Baptiste Pouilloux

Composer : musique originale Yves Gourmeur, thème principal Marco Prince

Production : Victoria Production / Newen France, avec la participation de OCS, en coproduction avec Orange Studio, en coproduction avec Belga Productions 

Producer : Florence Levard

Broadcaster : Une série OCS Originals

Distributor : Newen Connect, Orange Studio 

Cast : Ariane Labed, Suzy Bemba, Anne Alvaro, Raphaël Personnaz

Format : 8x52’

Date of broadcast : 20/09/2022

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