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Hors les Murs #4

25th September 2016 / Utrecht / Be Dramatic!, season 2

Série Series renews its partnership with the Nederlands Film Festival for the second season of the “Be Dramatic!” day, a day of the Holland Film Meeting dedicated to the new wave of European series.
The programme aims to highlight the vivacity and creativity of European series through several case studies “with the Série Series’ touch” and through several discussions on key issues of the sector.


Off-site Sessions #3

8th & 9th December 2015 / Copenhagen / Step 2 of the Paris-Copenhagen meetings

In December 2015, in cooperation with the French Embassy in Denmark, the French Institute, the Creative Europe Danish desk and the Danish Film Institute, Série Series  welcomed French series and their creators to Copenhagen over two days for Off-Site #3, the return trip of our first Off-site session on Danish Series in Paris last January.
On the programme : 4 French series presented by their teams during screenings and case studies, talks and meetings in a, as the Danes say, “hygge” atmosphere.

Info : marie@kandimari.com Laetitia@kandimari.com

Off-site Sessions #2

September 24th 2015 / Utrecht / Be Dramatic !

The first day of the Holland Film Meeting (24 Sept 2015), will be dedicated to the new must-see European television drama with the theme ‘Be Dramatic! The new wave of European series’. A special day elaborated in collaboration with Série Series which is therefore announcing its second Off site session.
The Holland Film Meeting and Série Series’ festival will offer a panoramic on the state of European Drama today, and will bring to Utrecht the creators of recent and remarkable shows from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria, whom will present their works during 3 special case studies conducted by and with the Série Series’ touch.

An eclectic selection that will immerse you in the great diversity of European creation.


Off-site Sessions #1

2015 / Danish Embassy / 48h of Danish series

Série Series also happens “off-site”. The first off-site session, dedicated to Danish series, was organised in collaboration with the Danish Embassy in Paris, and took place at the Maison du Danemark (Champs Elysées, Paris) on 12th and 13th January 2015. 6 Danish series were screened and presented by their creators.


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