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The pass gives you access to:

  • Screenings and case studies
  • Opening and closing ceremonies
  • “In the Pipeline”, “What’s next?” sessions, masterclasses and other sessions for pass-holders only
  • Official dinners and parties at the Château de Fontainebleau
  • The videolibrary to watch the series on demand
  • The Meeting Room and its bar
  • The Série Series 2019 app; online information portal and professional social network
  • Chauffeur service in Fontainebleau


Early bird until 15th May:

  • Reduced rate for authors, directors, actors, composers: €174 (including taxes)
  • Full rate: €348 (including taxes)
  • Student rate: €90 (including taxes)

After 15th May:

  • Reduced rate for authors, directors, actors, composers: €219 (including taxes)
  • Regular rate: €450 (including taxes)
  • Student rate: €90 (including taxes)

Get your pass:

Access Full rate Reduced rate for screenwriters, directors, actors and composers Student pass
Screenings and case studies of finished series, evening events, opening and closing ceremonies X X X
In the Pipeline and What’s Next? sessions, masterclasses, etc. X X X
Dinners and parties
Official dinners at the Château de Fontainebleau on Monday and Tuesday and cocktail dinner at the Theatre de Fontainebleau on Wednesday
X X Limited n°s
Video library X X X
Meeting room X X X
Bar X X X
The Série Series 2019 app Access to our online information portal X X X
Access to our social network X X
« The Link » Directory
Printed book with the details of all pass-holders who have registered before 14th June 2019
Pool auto
Chauffeur service in Fontainebleau
Rate Early bird until 15th May 348€
(including taxes)
(including taxes)
(including taxes)
After 15th May 450€
(including taxes)
(including taxes)
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Companies that register at least 3 people at the full rate to Série Series 2019, will be eligible for a discount on the third, or more, registration, at a rate of €250. Please contact Constance Cardon ( or + 33 (0)9 52 10 56 08) in order to make the most of this reduced rate.

Should you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact Contance Cardon ( or + 33 (0)9 52 10 56 08).

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